How Does ISO 27001 Standard Identify And Overcome Key Challenges In Organizations

As the organization expands in complexity and size, it becomes challenging to manage its information security systems. The integration of existing systems and processes in areas such as new departments, products, locations, people, services, functions, tools, innovations, or companies also becomes difficult.

Due to which it becomes important to address these challenges and overcome them. The right implementation of the ISO 27001 Standard in the organization helps accomplish these objectives.

What Are The Benefits Of ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification offered the following benefits to companies and individuals:

  • Improved data protection measures
  • Protection against a diverse range of digital threats with the ISO 27001 risk evaluations, threat mitigation, and data protection strategies
  • Increased security and reliability of business systems and information
  • Optimized information security controls
  • Improved business processes and strategies
  • Business continuity

Best Practice is a renowned JAS-ANZ accredited certification body. It offers an internationally recognized ISO 27001 Certification to organizations.  This standard provides a framework for organizations to manage their environmental risks and responsibilities while outlining the latest and advanced environmental objectives.

What Are The Important Areas Of Assessment In An Organization?

  • Security policies
  • Creating and maintaining an Organisational structure for information security
  • Asset management
  • Human resource management
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Operations and communications and management
  • Access control and constraint of access rights to systems, data, applications, networks, and functions
  • Information systems procurement, development, and preservation
  • Information security incident management
  • Compliance with regulatory, contractual and legal, obligations

Challenges In Information Security And Management Sector In An Organization

Here are the key challenges faced by the organization:

  • The evaluation and dealing of information security risks is a key challenge across organizations.
  • The second big challenge is performance evaluation that includes performance supervision, ISMS internal management, and audit reviews.
  • Access control is another big challenge faced by organizations in regards to information security controls. Effective access control is important to building strong information security and prevention unauthorized access to information assets.

How ISO 27001 Certification Helped Organizations Overcome These Challenges?

Here is how the certification helps organizations to cope up with the above challenges:

  • The organization has to implement the risk-evaluation method to ensure that senior management can view the key risks that can happen in the organization. It will help them take proper measures at the right time.
  • Another important thing that the organization needs to do is to define important performance indicators. These indicators will help compute the performance of the information security controls as well as manage the performance of the system. It should regularly perform internal audits on the scope of certification.
  • For improved identity and access management, an organization has to implement the following principles:
  • Consolidating the approach
  • No trust identity security
  • Least privilege
  • Computerization of provisioning
  • Inspection and reinspection
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Identifying orphaned accounts


Information security, access and identity management, risk management, and asset management are some of the critical areas of a business. An organization needs leadership and commitment to ensure that it is operating properly. Implementation of ISO 27001 Standard is the way to ensure business continuity, information security, and credibility in the organization.