What Are The Different Types Of Notion Templates For A Business

The notion is an extremely flexible productivity app that can seamlessly manage small and big tasks effortlessly. Templates form an integral part of the app. With several types of beneficial templates, it becomes easier for a business to organize its workplace.

However, the selection of the right one for your needs becomes quite overwhelming. In this article, we will discuss the widely used Notion templates that you can use in your business.

Notiontemplates.tech is a great place to find a wide array of versatile notion templates for your business. They are convenient to duplicate and can manage from regular jobs to large projects easily.

Ultimate Tasks Overview

This Notion Tasks template dashboard provides access to the views that a business would expect in its task management application. The above views are quickly accessible from the Notion sidebar.

  • Inbox
  • Next 7 Days
  • Today
  • Priority View
  • Assignee (Writer, Editor, etc)

Each of these views is easily accessible. In my opinion, the most frequently-used ones Favorites bar is for quicker access.

There is a table that contains a powerful template that can help in managing a large project. You can also find a board on a majority of views called “Daily Tasks”. It can help create daily “lists of tasks” easily.

Meeting Notes

This is a database template that helps businesses in the proper storage of their meeting notes. This template is highly useful when a business performs regular work meetings with the team. The template page is bifurcated into three sections like Agenda, Action Items, and Notes.

Weekly Agenda

This is another impressive template that helps provide a comprehensive overview of the week. This template makes it easier to plan upcoming events and tasks and manage planning sessions, and weekly reviews.


If you want to make an impactful resume to let you stand out, then this template will prove to be very beneficial. It is suggested for creatives and designers.

The template comprises several sections that need to be present in a typical resume. It includes a summary, work style, personality resume bot, professional ethos, education, social accounts, interests, and quotes.

Bullet Journal

This template is a beneficial and flexible tool to plan and organize your life. This comprehensive bullet journal template comes with an inbuilt calendar that helps user maintain a record of all the business tasks that has to be carried out.

The Gamification Project

This template helps enhance the productivity of the business. It does it by developing gamification into daily life. This comprises gold rewards and awarding experience points as a business accomplishes its milestones daily.

The template also offers functionalities that include a live leaderboard, and friendly competitions between family, community, and friends.


With a little work, Notion can prove to be a proficient task management application. Notion templates can take off the workload and make it simpler to manage your daily or weekly tasks. This all-in-one solution Notion workspace is the best way to keep things organized in the template gallery.