How to Make a Healthy Recipe of CBD Infused with Olive Oil?

Nowadays, CBD manufacturers are coming up with a variety of CBD products using various of strains and oils. So, people are tempted to try their recipes and make a healthy product by themselves. As we all know that if we want things to be our way then we must try making it ourselves.

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There are many benefits to try to make some CBD oil our way. One reason being we can try using ingredients what we want and have control over the entire process. Another advantage is that you do not have to fear any industrial chemicals or practices used while preparing this CBD product.

How to make CBD oil?

So, for people who are trying to make CBD oil themselves, you need to first understand how the manufacturers make these oils. Generally, most companies use an extraction method to remove CBD from the cannabis.

As you would not be having this extraction tool at home, you can use your frying pan for this purpose. So here we are choosing olive oil as a carrier oil to make CBD oil.


  1. Firstly, choose what strain you want for your oil. For example, if you wish to have pure CBD extract then choose a high CBD strain of cannabis. If there is no THC strain in it, then it is sure to have no “high” effect when it is used.
  2. Now when you want to prepare the bud, you will first need to decarboxylate it. this is because our body cannot process the principal cannabinoids unless they have gone through this decarboxylation process. So, to decarboxylate it, you need to just put it on the baking tray and heat it at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. This needs to turn brownish and crispy. If you want to skip this step, you can grind it into powder which will easily dissolve in the hot oil.
  3. Next thing is to choose an olive oil, which is of high quality. Avoid extra virgin oil as it would turn bitter when heated at high temperatures.
  4. Now you need to mix half water, half olive oil, and this cannabis bud in it and cook it at medium flame for about 20 to 30 mins till you find this cannabis floating on the top.
  5. Once the CBD oil is extracted, you need to cool them and then strain it and pour it into the storage bottle.

Lastly, put the entire mixture in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight. You will then strain the water out of the mixture and discard it and you will find traces of cannabis and olive oil together.

Though this entire process sounds complicated, the result is just something you can’t wait